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History of Lally Columns

The history of Lally Columns roots back to the time of American inventor John Lally who lived between 1898 to 1907. He owned a construction company which first started construction of these columns named after its owner in the 19th century in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Lally columns are simply adjustable steel columns that can be adjusted upward or downward to temporarily support a weight put on its top. For example, a renovator or a builder may use the Lally column to support the roof of the house when the inside walls are removed to keep the structure safe and sound. The column may later be removed after the walls are rebuilt or the desired renovation work is done. The structure of the column is made of thin steel which as mentioned above is used to provide support heavy things like beams for a long time span. The inside of the steel column is filled with concrete inside which provides the strength to the pillars to stand and sustain the weight.

A period advertisment for Lally Columns.

A period advertisment for Lally Columns.
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The use of the Lally columns has become widespread and made life easier for the construction workers because of the flexibility that it offers in cutting the height according to the requirement with simple hand tools such as a plumber’s pipe cutter or a reciprocating saw. One must also remember that these columns are not for permanent usage since they offer less strength and durability than the traditional steel columns.As the wheel of time has rolled on, there have been changes in the designs of these lally columns as well. The lallies used earlier had a much thicker shell, which was approximately ¼”. The lallies used these days have a thickness of .06”. That’s the reason, durability is a concern. Also, these structures are subjected to corrosion and damage since the outer shell is made of steel which is subjected to rust. Lally columns nowadays are primarily proposed for use as somewhat stronger and more durable substitutes for support systems made out of wood, although they are sometimes also used with steel beams.

Apart from what is mentioned above, one must also remember that Lally columns can be used by homeowners and remodelers use these jack posts or Lally columns on a permanent basis. They are often used in crawlspaces or basements to support sagging floor beams. The entire spectrum of Lally columns ranges from about 12 inches to 12 feet tall.

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